Further Together

Cambrian College Strategic Plan
2020 – 2025

Our Mission

intends to lead

Postsecondary education today is in a constant state of evolution, and Cambrian intends to lead.

Further Together honours the collaborative spirit at the core of our Cambrian community, and charts a renewed and reloaded path to positioning us as an undeniable destination for higher education. It is designed to allow us to take risks and respond quickly to meet the demands of an ever-evolving market and the needs and expectations of modern learners.

We are excited to share our plan with our campus family and our partners, both in our community, across the North, and around the globe.


To offer a comprehensive program of career-oriented, postsecondary education and training to assist individuals in finding and sustaining meaningful employment. To meet the needs of employers and the changing work environment. To support the economic and social development of our diverse community, locally and globally.


Our vision is to imagine the impossible, to inspire one another, and to innovate in ways we have yet to fully explore. To envision the impossible and work together to achieve what we envision.


Innovation | Respect | Collaboration | Excellence

Read on to discover how we’re going to go Further Together.

I envision a college that empowers its students and staff, where the communication not only flows from the top down, but the bottom up.

I envision Cambrian as a home, a safe place, a family for all students, staff, and faculty.

Participant in Strategic Plan Engagement Process

Our Approach


Our approach to this plan is different and innovative, because it necessarily must be. That includes one clear goal:

To be the college of choice for our differentiated academic opportunities, exceptional college experience, and our valuable partnerships.

Ways to Lead

Our success will be based on our ability to think and act both practically and innovatively:

Our plan is built on important FOUNDATIONAL actions that ensure we are always at a safe, welcoming and responsive industry standard. But we do not exist to simply keep pace, because we have TRANSFORMATIONAL intent. Our plan gives us all stretch priorities that will reach beyond what the marketplace is asking for today and anticipate the needs of both learners and employers, in the North and beyond. Finally, our plan enables us to be ready for a future we may not yet be able to contemplate, because together we have an ASPIRATIONAL will to reach beyond even the most progressive post-secondary institutions.

Our Process

We can build an inclusive approach that encompasses all types of diversity - belonging is building community.

Participant in Strategic Plan Engagement Process

Our Objectives


  1. Excel in Teaching and Learning


    While a spectrum of life skills are supported and honed in the post-secondary environment, our College exists, fundamentally, to support students to achieve their learning goals. Cambrian needs to lead the way in pedagogy, teaching models and learning modes, including flexible,traditional, hybrid and online approaches that meet the diverse needs of modern learners.

    Learn how we’ll continue to raise the bar


    Create a more flexible, inclusive, and responsive academic learning experience.


    Diversify our credentials and offerings to remain responsive to the changing needs of the 21st century work environment.


    Redefine post-secondary education.

  2. Modernize the College


    As post-secondary education becomes more influenced by technology, so is it influenced by demographics, both domestically and internationally, and by the expectations of modern learners. In addition to embracing the digital world, colleges like Cambrian need to consider learning spaces and gathering places that reflect the ever-changing world around us.

    Learn how we’ll meet evolving expectations


    Improve the appearance and functionality of our physical and digital spaces.


    Transform learning and service spaces to be more inclusive, collaborative and welcoming to the diverse populations we serve.


    Create an environment that offers seamless in-person and digital learning and service options.

  3. Think Globally


    Modern colleges are no longer confined to or defined by their original geographic locations. As all aspects of our lives become increasingly globalized, so must education. Bringing international learners to our campuses is an important first step, but it is just the beginning of what is possible and necessary. Recruitment and retention, cultural competency and safety, and rethinking the borders of education and the partnerships that enable it, must be front of mind for competitive institutions.

    Learn how we’ll make global thinking common practice


    Engage, grow and diversify our international student population.


    Create reciprocal global learning experiences.


    Ensure every member of the Cambrian community has the opportunity for a global learning experience.

  4. Respect Indigenous Cultures


    Actions toward reconciliation continue to move slowly across our country. There is so much more to do, including much greater levels of listening. The post-secondary sector can play an important role. Honouring and respecting the lands on which we teach and learn will always be a foundational value of our College. But more, we will celebrate the richness of Indigenous culture on campus and continue to listen and grow together.

    Learn how we’ll continue to grow our cultural competency


    Advance our commitments to the Indigenous Education Protocol.


    Provide a learning environment that celebrates and respects Indigenous culture and the diversity of our Indigenous learners, by building upon the Indigenous Educations Protocol.


    Be the number one college in Ontario for Indigenous learners.

  5. Advance Applied Research


    Best-in-class faculty expertise, modern facilities, and student bodies highly trained in practical, hands-on, real world scenarios, are key competitive advantages for applied research success in many Canadian colleges. This also means the environment grows more competitive each year. Building strong and productive relationships, innovating with industry partners, and keeping pace with sector-specific, technological, and workforce changes, are strengths Cambrian can build on in this new evolution as a research-intensive College.

    Learn how we’ll reach higher and further


    Expand research influence by engaging more programs, students and faculty in applied research.


    Be the first choice in Ontario for small and medium enterprise research and innovation.


    Be nationally recognized for our research expertise and industry partnerships.

  6. Enhance College Wellness


    No community, regardless of strategic ability, financial strength, or any other measure of excellence, can be strong if it is not well. As well-being emerges as the most pressing topic of conversation in modern institutions and workplaces, Cambrian is naming and embracing well- being as an important, stand-alone strategic priority. The positive effects of a clear commitment to well-being will extend to students, faculty and staff.

    Learn how we’ll make wellness a foundational focus


    Enhance the success of our students, faculty and staff by continuing to foster a culture of safety, belonging, support and wellness.


    Align our health and wellness mandate with the Okanagan Charter (an International Charter which calls on post-secondary schools to embed health into all aspects of campus culture).


    Become recognized as a leading institution for student and employee well-being.

  7. Promote a Sustainable Campus


    No leading businesses or institutions can claim authority or excellence in any industry today without considering environmental impact and stewardship. Informed environmental stewardship is more than a sound strategy. It is a human imperative. At Cambrian, we are committed to going beyond expectations and considering the environment in every aspect of our work, from straightforward tactics like electricity management and waste diversion, to targeted programs, learning strategies and curriculum outcomes.

    Learn how we’ll begin to lead the way in sustainability


    Create a commitment to environmental sustainability among our students, faculty and staff.


    Actively reduce our carbon footprint.


    Contribute to advancing the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in College operations and academic programming.

  8. Grow and Steward Industry Partnerships


    Colleges are, by design, integral to the communities they call home. This grounding in community and our ability to impact regional economies is key to mutual strength and success. Building upon our 50-year history of supporting regional growth, through collaboration and partnerships, Cambrian will continue to strengthen the economic and social fabric of the communities we serve, and extend our experience, expertise and services across our province.

    Learn how we’ll go beyond the norm


    Grow the number of regional employer, industry and partner relationships.


    Become known as an easily navigable partner and solutions provider for industry, government and community.


    Become a philanthropic beneficiary of choice for our partners.

Our Commitment

It will take
all of us

Cambrian can become a best-in-class, globally-recognized College that develops skilled, resourceful and resilient graduates, contributes to strong, sustainable industries and supports inclusive communities in the North and around the world.

To do that, we need to be bold. We need to be determined. We need to be prepared to be wrong, and we need the ability and the plan that lets us act quickly to course correct.

We need to trust in, and be inspired by, our richest resource – our people.

And we need to get started.



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Our Progress


Our senior leadership team reports on strategic plan progress to our Board of Governors twice annually. In the spirit of transparency and College-wide collaboration, we post each of those progress updates here.